So you’ve decided to give a tutor a try. Here are some tips:

  • Come prepared – of course bring your materials and such, but even more…bring your questions! Bring your failed attempts. Do everything you can to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Don’t waste your time (and $$) – if you are using a tutor just to do your homework, then you have it wrong. Don’t be mistaken, most will gladly take your money, but you are not getting the most benefit from your time. Let them go over what you’ve already done (see above) and help you understand better what you are doing.
  • Follow the advice/suggestions – if you hired a good tutor, then s/he is likely experienced as a learner. A good tutor can help you learn how to learn. If you are told to work on something, then DO IT! Try the suggested study approach(es) offered as well.
  • Don’t wait too long – if you come to get help the day before a final exam, it is probably too late. Regular sessions are best. That said, try to get to a point where you can get away from needing us! Yes, I mean that. A good goal for a good tutor is to get you not to need one anymore.
“How To” Get the Most from a Tutor