Go to google and search “study guide.” There are study guides for everything.

I am often asked by students in my classes if I would give them a study guide. I say “no.”

We are facing a group of students coming from a system with a focus on sucessfully jumping through clearly prescribed hoops. We are facing a group of students with inflated grades and deflated sense of responsibility. The majority of students in remedial classes I have taught made As or Bs in Algebra 2 in high school but most can’t do the Algebra 1 level problems I am covering in the course. Are they to blame? Is it just inherent decline? NO!

Ask your kids what the grade breakdown in their high school courses is. I only have anecdotal information. I have been told that the completed study guide is turned in for 10 points toward the test score. I have been told that homework counts for 5 – 10 points toward the test score. Just this can turn a D into a B. Add to that, the fact that many times (anecdotally with no real stats) the test is either the same pattern or even an exact copy of the study guide and it’s possible for a student to get an A grade with F knowledge.

Furthermore, the VERY IMPORTANT skill of gathering and organizing information is not being taught.

I won’t use a study guide.

Study Guide Generation