For those of you who don’t know what I look like, here’s a brief idea. I have short, shaggy hair, blue eyes, long lashes (thanks mascara), nice sized lips, plucked eyebrows, and ACNE! So even though I have pierced ears and wear makeup, some people still think I’m a guy. This really offends me because I’m obviously NOT a guy, and because these people weren’t stupid. Anyway, if you have short hair and have been called a guy, post it on FB!

Now to more important matters. I was in Spanish class about an hour ago,and the teacher was telling us that we had a week to memorize the Spanish speaking countries and capitols in South America. She made us watch what she called a rap song, if rap songs are listening to a lady say the country and the capitol over and over again. Unfortunately, this was not very memorable, therefore I have not memorized them yet.

The final subject I want to discuss today is dogs. I want a dog. I currently have a fish that I live with named Jax. My father bought him for me, and Jax keeps me company in my room. But what I really need is a dog. Post on FB if I should get a dog or not! (Dad’s house) Adios!