Everyone has an inner voice. Well, my inner voice says that everyone does. That voice knows what my true passions are. It knows I love Math. My inner voice guides my music taste. It is alive when I dance or play volleyball. I know it well when I am lifting or working out.

When did this inner voice and I start relating? I really can’t tell you. What about yours? Always? I know mine hasn’t changed as I have aged either. Same same stuff.

I want to turn to the passions my young inner voice pointed me to in my early life. I mean that both as a lifestyle and as the topic of this post.

My oldest daughter – 7th grade – has been posting on this blog lately. She and I agreed that she could write about her experiences as a student in junior high. My expectations we that she’d talk about the particulars of he homework or some interesting topic they were covering in science or literature or… Expectations – how stupid of me!

I did get a bit of that, here and there. But she needs more space than the confines of this blog! She needs to be a 7th grade girl! So she has a separate blog now. I’ll share details about that, later.

Anyway, here’s what I learned in this process. She loves Dr. Who. She’s in love with David Tennant. She is growing up whether I want her to or not. (I do want her to – but sometimes I want to be able to stop the train and go back). She’s expressive. She doesn’t – maybe can’t – curb her expression when she writes.

It seems to me that writing is likely a passion for her. She has been writing stories as prolific as her language and experience allowed since she was physically able to create a letter or word with a writing utensil. I’m glad to have been reminded of this! I’m really looking forward to he new blog venture.

Having a passion to turn to is a good thing in a trying age.

Passionate Outlets and Growing Up