I’m starting a new group of posts with the tag “repeated” for things I find myself repeating in tutoring sessions. This is the first of this group.

Prepare for class. Sometime before class starts, do a little bit of prep.

  • Scan the text book to get a general idea of the material to be covered. Doing this will have a few really good effects. You will be familiar with the vocabulary and thus be able to digest the higher meaning of the lesson/lecture. You can formulate better questions to ask which will show the professor you are interested in the course (even if you are faking it this helps!!).
  • If there are chapter questions, read them. No, don’t write a formal answer! Just read them. Get your curiosity sparked, not satisfied. Go to class curious.
  • For a math course, read through the example problems (chemistry and physics too). Again, don’t try to completely “get it.” Instead, just be familiar with the flow.

This shouldn’t take more that 15 – 20 minutes. Remember, you don’t need to already know everything prior to class (that’d make it BORING!). Just be a little familiar with the stuff.

Prepare for Class
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