Put down your calculator! Now, I am not a “no calculator ever” type, but I am a “my brain is pretty fast” – so is yours. If I say (or type) “3 + 2,” do you really need to pick up your TI-84 Plus? The truth is, your brain can calculate that sum while it determines enzyme levels needed in your biological systems and processes data from your inner ear to determine what muscles to tighten where in what order and combination to keep you upright. Your heart rate, breath, digestion…all as you read this complex combination of symbols and process it fluently. “5.”

“… researchers were not able to simulate the brain’s activity in real time. It took 40 minutes with the combined muscle of 82,944 processors in K computer to get just 1 second of biological brain processing time. While running, the simulation ate up about 1PB of system memory as each synapse was modeled individually.”

Simulating 1 second of human brain activity takes 82,944 processors

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